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Wallace Technical Blasting, Inc

(360)  921 4308


Environmentally Friendly 

4th-Generation Technical Blasting Company



WTB applies over two decades of blasting excellence to address your unique project needs. We specialize in solving technical problems, designing innovative blasting solutions, and providing safe, efficient, effective results. WTB meets your needs from initial project planning to blast execution and beyond.


WTB provides blast consulting to project owners, general contractors, blasting contractors, and government agencies. Project safety is always our top priority. Our blasting advice and oversight is based in science and practical field experience harnessed to assure the success of your project. WTB’s consulting services include drafting specifications, objective litigation support and expert witness testimony, input on legislative and regulatory issues, project safety planning, and environmental impact mitigation.

Training & Communication

WTB is ready to assist your success with blasting training and communication. Our training solutions are customized to meet your specific needs. As a project owner or oversight agency, your staff may need to learn about writing specifications appropriate to the unique blasting project and spotting warning signs before a project falls into jeopardy. As a general contractor, your project managers may need training in the basics of explosives safety and use, including whether blasting is the right tool for the job. As a blasting contractor, your staff may need advanced blasting training and continuing education. WTB also provides expert information to project stakeholders who may have concerns about the use of explosives.


About WTB

Since 1992, Wallace Technical Blasting has provided technical blasting, consulting, training, and communication services. As the premier technical blasting company of the Pacific Northwest, WTB has led over 150 successful projects. WTB focuses on complex, unique, and challenging projects, including underwater blasting, hydro-dam rehabilitation, soil densification, environmental mitigation, seismic research, rescuing projects in jeopardy, and more. We even created display pools for Herman the Sturgeon at Bonneville Dam!


Jerry Wallace has stood fast in the principles taught to him by his father, Virgil Wallace, and his grandfather, Ivan Wallace, and has passed the skills and experience down to his sons, Toby and Ty. Together, they are committed to safety, professionalism, and mitigating environmental impact.

We Guarantee


Safety First




Mitigating Environmental Impact


"Jerry Wallace’s quick and detailed blast plan reviews and professional consultation helped our Hydroelectric expansion project performing on a tight blasting schedule. Jerry was a true partner in our success."


Daniel H (Orion Marine Bradley Lake, Alaska Project)

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