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Close-In Work

Ketchikan, AK 2020

Port of Ketchikan Rock Pinnacle (Underwater): Blasting rock pinnacle within the port to allow for additional docking for large ships.

Environmental Impact Mitigation

Channel Deepening, Warrior Rock, Columbia River

Deepening the channel in the Columbia River for safe ship passage.


Hydroelectric & Dams

Howard Hanson Dam

Green River, WA

Close-in blasting at a water reservoir dam (drinking water for the City of Tacoma) for installation of a fish bypass to improve salmon survivability.

Blair Bridge.png

Solutions for Projects in Jeopardy

Port of Tacoma Blair Bridge Removal

Mechanical means of bridge pier demolition failed, so, WTB was hired to design, plan, and carry out environmentally safe demolition of underwater pier blasting. 

Hwy 95  (2).jpg

Unique and Award Winning Projects

US 95 Rock Slide Mitigations

WTB was called in at the recommendation of geology experts to remove overhang on Hwy US 95 in Idaho.

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